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In-River: 6300 South to 4800 South


Volunteer Group: Wells Fargo

Time: 8:00 am on May 12, 2016.

Location: Parking for the event will take place at 4800 South 670 West, Taylorsville in Salt Lake County, on the west bank of the river. Splore will shuttle volunteers to the boat put in at 1200 West Winchester Street, Murray in Salt Lake County, on the west bank. The clean up will move downstream (north) until 4800 South 670 West, where the boat take out and cars are located.

Description: Please join Splore and the Division of Forestry, Fires, and State Lands for the In-River Conservation Day at the annual Get Into The River Festival. This project will consist of pulling garbage out of the Jordan River. Volunteers will learn why they are cleaning the river, what people have done and are doing to restore the river, and the goals of ecosystem restoration.

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