In-River: 4500 South to 2300 South

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Volunteer Group

Community Event – Thanks for volunteering! There are no open volunteer spots remaining.


Arrive by 1:00 pm on May 12, 2016. Plan on 4 hours on the river.


Volunteers will park at the boat take out located at Redwood Trailhead Park, 2320 South 1070 West, West Valley in Salt Lake County, on the west bank of the river. Splore will shuttle the volunteers, in provided cars, to the boat put in at the WWII Memorial Park (Freedom Shrine), 4500 South 650 West, Murray in Salt Lake County, on the east bank. The clean-up will move downstream (north) until 2300 South.  The take out will occur at 2320 South 1070 West in West Valley, where cars are located.


Please join Splore and the Division of Forestry, Fires, and State Lands for the In-River Conservation Day at the annual Get Into The River Festival. First time paddlers will be taught a quite lesson in some simple paddle strokes and a chance to practice them before starting down the river. This project will consist of pulling garbage out of the Jordan River, while gaining an understanding of restoration efforts happening along the whole river corridor. Volunteers will learn why they are cleaning the river, what people have done and are doing to restore the river, and how the goals of ecosystem restoration are planned to be accomplished. At the end of the day, volunteers will learn the basics of canoeing and a knowledge of place centered around the Jordan River.

Volunters should wear
  • Sunblock
  • Clothes that are okay to get wet and dirty
  • Hat
  • Water Sandals (no flip flops)
  • Rain gear if it looks rainy
What to bring
We will provide
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Trash Bags
  • Snacks
  • Canoes
  • Life jackets
  • A shuttle back to cars


Eric Bonin | | 801-484-4128


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